Our Competitions

In order to provide a competitive and learning platform to the students, PES organises several competitions for the students.
Be it Concours Romain Rolland; a competition of French language or IFC (Interschool French Competition); a cultural competitions, students earn many prizes and free trip to France.

Concours Romain Rolland

French competition to test the linguistic and culturalknowledge of students)

Romain Rolland

Romain Rolland concours has been designed by Alliance Fran├žaise Rouen,France in collaboration with Prayatna Educational Society. Concours in Frenchmeans competition. And Romain Rolland is a name of a famous French writerwho has written a lot about India and famous Indians.

In Romain Rolland, we have three levels, i.e. A1, A2, B1. Level A1 is meantfor class V and VI students, level A2 is meant for class VII and VIII studentsand level B1 is meant for class IX and X students.

The objective of the exam is to examine the students' overall understanding ofthe language and not just their memorization skills. The exam is completely MCQbased. It has five sections: comprehension passage, Reformulation, Grammar,vocabulary, Culture and civilization. Thus, the exam focuses ontesting overall skills of the student, reading skills, writing skills, knowledge of thelanguage, understanding of culture and civilization.

Romain Rolland is an examwhich is first conducted at a state level and then at a national level ( Nationallevel will also have listening skills). It is thus a kind of competition at the sametime. The students, who procure 50% and above in the state level, are eligible toparticipate in the national level exam of Romain Rolland. All participants of Nationallevel exam are given certificates and medals.

The State level competition is a written MCQ test and the National level competition is an online test. A listening test is also included in the national level test.

The first prize for the first winners of National level is a free trip to France. The second and the third prizes are a semester of French course in the nearest Alliance Fran├žaise.


Interschool French competition (IFC) is organized with competitions like dance, quiz, song, poetry, theatre etc. The competition serves not only as a great motivation for the student but outside the classroom learning is promoted as well.

In IFC-2013, around 1500 students from 90 schools of Delhi and NCR participated and won lucrative prizes like free trip to France, cash prizes etc. In IFC-2014, the overwhelming response from all the schools in Delhi-NCR was witnessed where around 2000 students competed with each other at different levels and in different competitions.

Bonjour France

Bonjour France is a cultural program where French students perform French dance, songs and plays. This is not a competition but aims at providing students a stage to manifest their talent. The students who excel in studies in their respective classes are awarded during the vent for their hard work.

French Word Power: a competition of the French language with Quiz on Quebec.

The competition French Word Power is organized in India and Emirates in collaboration with Bureau du Quebec, Mumbai. French Word Power. This project gives opportunities to the French learning students in India to help them learn about Quebec. Prayatna Educational Society is conducting the event and the BQM is providing sponsorship to this event.