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Prayatna Educational Society

Welcome to Prayatna Educational Society, where we are dedicated to delivering exceptional services in the realm of learning and teaching French. Established in 2003 with our headquarters in Delhi, Prayatna has steadily built a stellar reputation for delivering quality services in the field of French language education all over India and abroad. With a proud history of providing top-notch educational opportunities, we have become a distinguished organization in India, bridging the gap between schools, teachers, and students nationwide.


Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide enriching experiences that allow individuals to explore France and Francophone countries, immerse themselves in their culture, and embrace the beauty of the French language. With an annual participation of over 25,000 students and 1,500 French teachers in our cultural activities, we continually strive to foster strong bonds between India and France, as well as other Francophone regions, encouraging cross-cultural exchanges that broaden perspectives and create lasting memories.


Through strategic collaborations with esteemed organizations in India, France, and Canada PES has been at the forefront of improving French language education in India. We are particularly proud of our partnership with the esteemed Alliance Française of Normandie, France, renowned for its exceptional teaching quality and expertise in didactics. Since 2011, they have been our valued partner for educational and immersion trips to France and the prestigious competition Concours Romain Rolland.


Another key aspect of our success is our partnership with the Québec Government Office in Mumbai. Together, we have collaborated on numerous programs aimed at promoting the French language, celebrating Francophone culture, and nurturing meaningful cross-cultural connections in India. Through our diverse range of programs such as "la Francophonie nomade," "French Word Power," "Stage de formation: Bharatpur," "Enseigner le FLE," and engaging "Ateliers Pédagogiques," we have ignited a growing interest among learners and educators in India about the vibrant world of Quebec and its unique culture. Our partnership with the Québec Government Office in Mumbai since 2017 has enabled us to deliver transformative experiences that go beyond language acquisition, inspiring a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Francophone traditions.


At Prayatna, we take pride in creating dynamic learning environments where language enthusiasts, whether teachers or students, can explore the richness of French and embrace the diversity of the Francophone world. As we celebrated 20 years of relentless dedication, unwavering focus, passionate perseverance, and tireless commitment in the year 2023, we remain steadfast in our mission to foster a strong connection between India and the Francophone community. Together with our partners, educators, and students, we aim to enhance the linguistic and cultural landscape of our nation, empowering individuals to embrace intercultural understanding and enriching their lives through the wonders of language.

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