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International French Competitions

International French Competitions

Prayatna proudly administers two esteemed International French Exams: "French Word Power," held in collaboration with the Quebec Government Office, Mumbai, and "Concours Romain Rolland," organized in partnership with Alliance Française de Normandie, France. These prestigious competitions have been held at both state and national levels since 2013, providing an exceptional platform for students to assess and enhance their French proficiency.


Participating in these competitions allows students to represent their schools at both national and international levels, offering them early recognition and globally recognized certificates. This achievement not only fulfills the aspirations of French educators but also encourages learners to strive for excellence in their language skills.


Registration for the state-level competitions is open from April to September every year, providing ample opportunity for students to prepare and participate. The competitions are conducted at six levels, corresponding to the students' grades:


- Grades 4 & 5: Level A1.1

- Grade 6: Level A1

- Grade 7: Level A2.1

- Grade 8: Level A2

- Grade 9: Level B1.1

- Grade 10 & above: Level B1


By participating in these exams, students not only assess their language proficiency but also gain valuable experience and recognition on a global platform. Join us in fostering a culture of linguistic excellence and international collaboration.

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French Word Power

Prayatna Educational Society organizes "French Word Power" – an invigorating vocabulary-based competition held annually at both state and national levels. This dynamic event provides students with a platform to enrich their linguistic skills by delving into a plethora of new words, all while competing for exciting prizes.

In a fruitful collaboration with the Québec Government Office in Mumbai, "French Word Power" celebrates the richness of the French language and Francophone culture. With a dedicated section highlighting the captivating heritage of Québec, the competition offers participants a unique opportunity to explore the cultural nuances and linguistic diversity of this vibrant region.

Since its inception in 2014, "French Word Power" has garnered enthusiastic participation from more than 22,000 students each year. Beyond honing language skills, the competition serves as a catalyst for fostering a deep-seated passion for the French language and cultivating meaningful cross-cultural connections among the youth.

Both exams, conducted in the form of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs), can be seamlessly integrated into the school's annual planner as mandatory external evaluation tests. "French Word Power" assesses students' vocabulary in context, while "Concours Romain Rolland" evaluates their proficiency in reading, cultural understanding, and other linguistic skills. Together, these exams comprehensively gauge students' essential linguistic abilities.

Concours Romain Rolland 

Prayatna Educational Society, in partnership with Alliance Française Rouen, France, proudly presents "Concours Romain Rolland" – an exhilarating French competition designed to put students' linguistic and cultural prowess to the test. Named after the esteemed French writer, Romain Rolland, known for his profound works on India and its eminent figures, this competition serves as a vibrant celebration of language, culture, and cross-cultural understanding.

Since its inception in 2013, "Concours Romain Rolland" has attracted the participation of approximately 16,000 students annually. It offers a captivating journey of discovery and exploration, igniting the spirit of competition while fostering a deeper appreciation for the French language and its cultural heritage.

This esteemed competition provides students with the opportunity to represent their schools on an international platform, vying for prestigious prizes, medals, and certificates. It challenges young minds, inspiring them to showcase their linguistic skills and cultural knowledge, all while promoting camaraderie and academic excellence.

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✒Competitions at State Level & National level.

✒Tests in Pen-paper format.

✒Students can participate in both exams at the same time.

✒6 levels of grade-wise tests (Class IV onwards)

✒Level-wise preparatory booklets with videos to make learning easy and interactive

✒Globally recognized hard-copy certificates for all participants.

✒Trophies for teachers and school

✒Medals & cash prizes for outstanding performances in National Level competition

Why participate?

  • Comprehensive Assessment

  • Integration into School curriculum

  • Improves Linguistic Competence

  • Represent the school at International Platform

  • Exposure to Cultural Aspects

  • Development of Critical Skills

  • Globally recognised Certificate, with medals and cash prizes

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How to register?

  • The school/concerned person has to contact us for the form and exam details. The concern person then collects the fees from students and share the list along with the form.

  • The school chooses the date for the state level within the time period provided by us, for conducting the competition and informs us one month prior to the date of the competition, so we can provide the study material to the students in time.

  • Preparatory booklets will be dispatched for all the students registered for the competition.

  • The exam papers are sent to school for state level and the exam is conducted in the school premises under strict supervision.

  • The result is sent to school within 2 weeks after the exam papers are received.

  • The students who secure 50% percent and above are eligible for national level.

  • National Level exam is an online exam on one specific date per level where all the students from across the country and Middle East appear for exam  at the same time

Cash Prizes for National Level Winners-

First prize: 21,000/-

Second prize: 11,000/-

Third prize: 5,000/-


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Gain insights from the champions:

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