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Educational Initiatives

At Prayatna Educational Society, we operate as a non-profit organization driven by three core objectives: 

  • Elevating the Standards of French Language Education in India

  • Fostering Cultural Immersion

  • Empowering Students Globally

International French Competitions

French Word Power," organized in collaboration with the Quebec Government Office, Mumbai, and "Concours Romain Rolland," organized in partnership with Alliance Française de Normandie, France, at both state and national levels since 2013.

Immersion Program to France

With a purpose to promote language proficiency, cross-cultural understanding, and personal growth, our immersion program to France create unforgettable experiences that broaden horizons and nurture a passion for learning.

French Teachers' Training

Prayatna Educational Society organizes French teachers' training both offline in different cities and online in order to equip teachers with the methodologies of teaching French and making classroom learning both interactive and interesting.

French Teachers' Evaluation

Continuous and regular self-evaluation is a key to success. In order to achieve this, Prayatna offers:

TAEFI – Test d’Aptitude pour les Enseignants de Français en Inde.

Canadian Educational Expedition

The Canadian Educational Expedition in Quebec, organised in collaboration with Quebec Government Office in Mumbai offers a unique and transformative opportunity for school students to immerse themselves in Canadian life and gain first-hand experience of its renowned education system and enriching culture.

Curriculum designing

Navigating the intricacies of language education within a school curriculum can pose challenges, from selecting qualified teachers to ensuring continuous evaluation and certification. At Prayatna Educational Society, we understand these complexities and offer a comprehensive solution to streamline your school's French language curriculum.

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