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French Teachers' Training

Prayatna Educational Society regularly organizes training program tailored for French teachers. This initiative aims to enhance the pedagogical and linguistic skills of French educators while promoting excellence in the teaching of the French language. This training provides a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange, professional development, and collaboration among teachers, with the ultimate goal of enriching students' learning experiences and fostering the dissemination of French language and culture.


Potluck : Club for French teachers

Potluck:partage d’idées is a club for French teachers, started and organised under the expert guidance of Dr.PreetiBhutani. French, being a language of lifelong learning, forms the cornerstone of our vision. With a strong commitment to continually enhance French language skills and address challenges hindering the progress of French education in India, we have established this club. As a testament to our dedication, we have introduced a magazine, showcasing contributions from our esteemed member- teachers, comprising articles, poems, shared experiences, and much more. Accessible online, the magazine serves as a valuable platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within our vibrant community of French educators.

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Journée FLE

Journée FLE serves as an essential one-day Teachers' Training program designed with the purpose of empowering educators with innovative methodologies and strategies to create engaging and authentic classroom experiences using our educational materials. Our aim is to enhance teaching practices and equip teachers with the necessary skills to effectively utilize the study material we offer. The training is conducted throughout the year in different cities in India and abroad, without any charge or fee, ensuring that teachers are well-prepared to deliver impactful and dynamic lessons that inspire and motivate students in their language learning journey. More than 100 such programs have been organised since 2003 and more than 5000 teachers of French and aspiring teachers have repeatedly participated in this rewarding training opportunity, where pedagogy meets creativity, fostering a transformative learning environment for both educators and learners alike. Journée FLE has been organised in the following cities and is repeatedly organized in these cities...

Journée FLE, Queen Mira’s International School, Madurai

Journée FLE, DPS Nacharam, Hyderabad

Journée FLE, Chirec International School, Hyderabad

Journée FLE, DPS Whitefield, Bangalore

Journée FLE, Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore

Journée FLE, St. Teresa’s School, Mumbai

Journée FLE, Vael’s Billabong, Chennai

Journée FLE, Maharishi Vidyamandir, Chennai

Journée FLE, Alliance Française, Chandigarh

Journée FLE, Tagore International School, Jaipur

Journée FLE, MGD School, Jaipur

Journée FLE, Queen Mary’s School, Rohini, Delhi

Journée FLE, Sunbeam Group of schools, Varanasi

Journée FLE, Emerald Heights, Indore

Journée FLE, Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, Delhi

Journée FLE, Ryan Global School, Andheri, Mumbai

Journée FLE, The Heritage School, Rohini, Delhi

Journée FLE, Aklavya International School, Pondicherry

Journée FLE, Delhi at Alliance Francaise de Delhi

Journée FLE, Dubai at The Millennium School

Enseigner le FLE

"Enseigner le FLE" is a purposeful 3-month Online Teachers Training Program thoughtfully conducted by Prayatna Educational Society in collaboration with the Québec Government Office, Mumbai. Commencing during the challenging times of the COVID pandemic, this transformative program has successfully organized five batches of basic and advanced courses since 2020. A total of 400 dedicated teachers have actively participated, benefiting from comprehensive training that equips them with cutting-edge pedagogical techniques, innovative teaching methodologies, and a deep understanding of teaching French as a foreign language. With a shared commitment to excellence in language education, "Enseigner le FLE" aims to nurture a highly skilled and motivated cadre of educators, who, in turn, inspire and empower their students to embrace the beauty and richness of the French language and culture. Prayatna conducts one batch every year of this three-month online Teachers’ training course In order to help educators benefit from this rewarding journey of professional growth.

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Enseigner le FLE: Course Details

Course Structure:


Duration: 3 months

Sessions: 11 sessions of 90 minutes each, divided into 4 modules

Format: Live classes with expert trainers

Schedule: Classes held every Friday or Saturday

Assessment: Projects & Exams

Certification: Upon completion

Eligibility: DELF A2 and above


Course Highlights:


  • Live interactive sessions with revision of previous topics in the beginning and doubt clearance towards the end

  • Classes by Dr. Preeti Bhutani

  • Evaluation at the end of each module

  • Practical projects based on the topics covered in the sessions

  • Certificate of completion issued by Prayatna Educational Society in collaboration with the Québec Government Office, Mumbai.


The course comprises of 4 modules.

Stage de formation (in India)

"Stage de Formation" is a 3-day French teachers' training program at selected locations meticulously designed to offer intensive and impactful training to educators, blended with pleasure and leisure. Through these training sessions, we aim to empower French teachers with the latest pedagogical techniques, cutting-edge resources, and effective teaching methodologies. Our goal is to enrich their expertise and cultivate a community of highly skilled educators dedicated to the advancement of French language education.

Over 300 teachers have participated in this transformative journey of growth and learning, where our collective passion for language teaching paves the way for an inspiring and progressive future. We bring teachers from different parts of the country together to be able to understand and solve the day-to-day classroom problems by discussing and working together. A program that combines work and pleasure, commitment, and recreation, is organized once every year at different locations in India.

Stage de Formation has been conducted in various locations, including:

  • Chandigarh, organized in collaboration with Alliance Française de Chandigarh and Institut Française, Delhi, 2013

  • Shimla, organized in collaboration with Alliance Française de Chandigarh, Université de Montréal and University of Ottawa, 2015

  •  Jaipur, organized in collaboration with University of Jaipur, Rajasthan, 2017

  • Pondicherry, organized in collaboration with Institut Français de Pondichéry, 2018

  •  Agra, organized in collaboration with Alliance Française de Delhi and University of Agra, 2019

  •  Bharatpur, organized in collaboration with Québec Government Office in Mumbai, 2023.

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Stage de formation (in France)

Our highly esteemed annual French training program "Stage de formation en France" is held in collaboration with Alliance Française de Normandie France since 2011. This unparalleled opportunity, spanning 10-14 days, is meticulously crafted to elevate both pedagogical and linguistic skills in the captivating ambiance of France's renowned Normandy region. Participants will be immersed in an intensive curriculum tailored to enhance teaching methodologies and linguistic proficiency, guided by seasoned instructors from Alliance Française. Beyond the classroom, indulge in the enchanting allure of Normandy through curated excursions to historic landmarks, cultural sites, and picturesque landscapes. Moreover, participants will have the unique privilege of immersing themselves fully in French life by staying with hospitable host families, fostering genuine cultural exchanges and lasting friendships. Whether you're a seasoned educator seeking professional growth or an aspiring teacher eager to hone your skills, this transformative experience offers a perfect blend of academic enrichment, cultural immersion, and personal growth. Join us on this remarkable journey to expand your horizons, enrich your teaching practice, and create unforgettable memories in the heart of France.

Key Highlights:

- Annual training program in collaboration with Alliance Française de Normandie France
- Duration: 10-14 days of immersive learning experience (depending on the itinerary offered)
- Curriculum focuses on enhancing pedagogical and linguistic skills
- Guided by experienced instructors from Alliance Française
- Curated excursions to historic landmarks, cultural sites, and picturesque landscapes in Normandy and in Paris (and other cities as per itinerary)
- Accommodation with host families for complete cultural immersion
- Globally recognized certificate upon successful completion

Why Participate:

- Enhance pedagogical and linguistic skills under expert guidance
- Immerse in French culture and language through curated excursions and host family stays
- Earn a globally recognized certificate to boost career prospects and credentials

Moments in Time

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