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Canadian Educational Expedition

The Canadian Educational Expedition in Quebec, organised in collaboration with Quebec Government Office in Mumbai offers a unique and transformative opportunity for school students to immerse themselves in Canadian life and gain first-hand experience of its renowned education system and enriching culture.

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Beyond Borders:
A Canadian Educational Expedition

Through this extraordinary exposure, students not only learn about the intricacies of the French language and the richness of Francophone culture but also develop essential life skills, broaden their horizons, and foster a deeper appreciation for global perspectives. This purposeful program aims to empower the next generation of learners with cross-cultural understanding, enriching their educational journey and preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world. The highlights of the program are:


  • Exploration of Quebec: The expedition includes exciting excursions in Quebec, allowing students to explore the vibrant cities, historical landmarks, and diverse cultural attractions.


  • French Language Classes with Certification: As part of the program, students will participate in French language classes conducted by certified instructors, enhancing their linguistic skills and earning valuable certifications.


  • Visit to Sugar Shacks: learn about the process of maple syrup production and indulge in delicious maple treats.


  • Cultural Exploration: Through guided tours and interactive activities, students will delve into the rich cultural heritage of Quebec, gaining insights into its history, traditions, and customs.


  • Life Skills Development: Beyond academic learning, the expedition aims to develop essential life skills in students, including communication, teamwork, adaptability, and cultural sensitivity.


  • Cross-Cultural Understanding: The purposeful program seeks to empower the next generation of learners with cross-cultural understanding, nurturing empathy and respect for cultural diversity.


  • Enriching Educational Experience: Beyond borders and boundaries, this expedition offers students an enriching educational experience that goes beyond textbooks, fostering lifelong learning and personal growth

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