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French Teachers' Evaluation

Continuous and regular self-evaluation is a key to success. However, there isn’t any way for the teachers to check their linguistic and didactic skills. Moreover, the school heads struggle to evaluate the French teachers and which grades they are capable of teaching, as they do not know the language themselves.

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– Test d’Aptitude pour les Enseignants de Français en Inde

Created in 2015 by Prayatna Educatioan Society in collaboration with Alliance Française de Rouen, France the TAEFI is a mode of évaluation which measures the linguistic and teaching skills of teachers of French in India.


Who can participate? 

Anyone who is teaching French in a school or college and wishes to evaluate his/her language competence and teaching skills can take this test. The test can be used as a mean to :-

get a job in an organization where French is taught or for promotion

- self-evaluate

-to evaluate the teachers for Principals and Directors of the schools

Administrative Entity

Conceptualization of TAEFI

The TAEFI has been developed by the pedagogical team of Alliance Française Rouen-Normandie, an independent body and a member of the international network of the Alliance Française. Renowned for its teaching quality and expertise in didactics, Alliance Française Rouen-Normandie has been accredited with the Qualité FLE label by the French Ministry of National Education.

Pioneering Organization of TAEFI

Prayatna Educational Society is responsible for overseeing and administering the TAEFI in India. Drawing upon its extensive experience in teaching and learning the French language since 2003, Prayatna Educational Society has earned a commendable reputation in India and abroad. After thorough market research, PES proposed the TAEFI project to Alliance Française Rouen-Normandie, with the anticipation that TAEFI would assist school authorities in evaluating their teachers' proficiency levels and provide individuals with an opportunity for self-assessment.

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