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Curriculum Designing

Navigating the intricacies of language education within a school curriculum can pose challenges, from selecting qualified teachers to ensuring continuous evaluation and certification. At Prayatna Educational Society, we understand these complexities and offer a comprehensive solution to streamline your school's French language curriculum.



​Collaborating with PES for your school's French curriculum promises to elevate the quality of language education through a tailored approach. By joining hands with us, schools can benefit from the following initiatives:

  • Students' Competitions: Engage students in stimulating competitions to enhance their language skills and foster healthy competition.


  • Students Examination: Implement a robust examination system to evaluate students' language proficiency effectively.


  • Cultural Competitions: Immerse students in French culture through engaging cultural competitions, promoting cross-cultural understanding.


  • Teachers' Training: Empower educators with specialized training programs designed to enhance their teaching skills and pedagogical approaches.


  • Teachers' Evaluation: Ensure continuous professional development through rigorous evaluation of teachers' performance and effectiveness in delivering French language education.


  • French Curriculum Development: Access meticulously crafted textbooks, study materials, formative assessments (FA), and summative assessments (SA) aligned with educational standards.


  • Educational Trips: Provide enriching experiences with educational trips to France, Pondicherry, and Canada, offering students firsthand exposure to French language and culture.


Establishing a yearly curriculum in collaboration with PES enables schools to strike a balance between academic rigor and extracurricular enrichment in French language education. A standardised curriculum across all branches ensures consistency in teaching methodologies and assessment practices, eliminating subjective variations often observed in individual teacher-led approaches.


With Prayatna Educational Society as your partner in French language education, schools can foster a vibrant learning environment where students thrive and educators excel. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward excellence in French language education for your institution.

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  • At Prayatna, we understand the importance of providing a comprehensive solution for your French curriculum needs. With our commitment to excellence, through our sister concern Unisec Publication, we ensure that teachers, students, and parents receive the best textbooks and support to facilitate effective learning.


  • Our textbooks, accompanied by corresponding workbooks, offer an all-encompassing solution that caters to the diverse needs of educators, learners, and parents. These resources are meticulously crafted to foster a seamless learning experience across listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.


  • What sets our textbooks apart is their integration of audio elements and authentic videos sourced directly from France. These multimedia components not only enhance engagement but also provide invaluable exposure to native French language and culture. With such comprehensive resources at hand, no external materials are required, ensuring a holistic learning experience for all.


  • In addition to our exceptional textbooks, we provide a range of resources to support teachers in delivering high-quality instruction. Our self-explanatory teacher's guide offers invaluable insights and tips for effective lesson delivery. Furthermore, our meticulously crafted lesson plans in both English and French streamline the teaching process, facilitating smooth implementation in diverse classroom settings.


  • To aid in assessment and reinforcement of learning, we offer revision worksheets and a test generator, enabling teachers to gauge student progress and tailor instruction accordingly. Moreover, our e-access platform provides convenient access to digital resources, allowing for flexibility in teaching and learning.


  • With Prayatna, you can trust that your entire French curriculum needs are taken care of, from textbooks to supplementary resources and ongoing support. We are dedicated to empowering educators, students, and parents alike with the tools they need for success in French language learning.

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